B018 is a music club,
a place of nocturnal survival.

a sound ritual .

B 018 is not a venue.

It was an idea at first – an idea that music could be the cure that war-torn Lebanon needed.

It united the Lebanese underground, when they were clashing on the surface. It is, above all, a space to revel in the modern ritual that is electronic music.

A space that remains unaffected, unlabeled, and unpinned.

With a promise to stay true to the music, and a refusal to succumb to the establishment, the institution of B018 has shed its old skin and adopted to the growing maturity of the Lebanese and international dance scenes.

Today, by staying true to its claim, “A Sound Ritual”, B 018 offers an array of nights. From live bands to 80s night during the week and international and local house DJs on the weekends, our space will feed everything your heart/ ears desire. That’s not all though, we have the holistic experience in mind. With our state of the art interior and delicious cocktails and food menu, there really is no place like B 018.